A New Model Of Care

How many times have you left your doctor’s office with a prescription to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight?  If you are like many people you have heard this once or twice from your physician.  When I hear this all I want to say is, “What a great idea why didn’t I think to try that”!  Most people know what they need to do they just don’t know where to do it or need help being successful.  Many physicians offer recommendations and not solutions to their patients.  This phrase heard by many people and spoken by many physicians led us to develop a place like Movestrong™.  We wanted people to walk out of our facility with a plan and not just a suggestion.

At Movestrong™ and the DeClaire LaMacchia Orthopaedic Institute we are changing the face of patient care.  We have developed a new model to help fill this void felt by many of you!  Our model for continual care is circular in nature allowing individuals to move seamlessly within and enter into the continuum at any point.  This new model presents patients with new options and solutions to their situations and symptoms.  We now offer an orthopaedic practice, a physical therapy department, and Movestrong™, a health and wellness facility, all in one place.  Our patient care model gives individuals options depending on their specific needs.

Some individuals may come to us seeking medical advice which often leads to physical therapy.  In the past, this would have led the patient to another dead end.  We now offer Movestrong™ which is our third step in helping you recovery fully after being discharged from physical therapy.  Other individuals may come to Movestrong™ because they need to lose weight but have had other injuries in the past that make them apprehensive about exercising.  Movestrong™ gives individuals the assurance necessary to exercise safely and effectively by having medical physicians, physical therapists, and fitness specialists on site.

At Movestrong™ and the DeClaire LaMacchia Orthpaedic Institute we want to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels accomplish their goals no matter how big or small.  We want to teach people new things instead of telling them something they already know.

So the next time your doctor tells you to exercise more and eat healthier you will know just the place to go, Movestrong™.

Come visit us today and experience our new model of care first hand!

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