A New Year, A New Resolution!

New Years 2014Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!  It is that time of year where everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions and vows to be healthier this year.  Was your New Year’s resolution last year to join a gym and lose weight?  Did it work?  If you are like 70% of Americans you were probably not as successful as you had hoped.  So, if it didn’t work last year or the year before don’t you think you ought to try something else?  Movestrong™ has the perfect solution!  Join one of our successful wellness programs.  We accommodate individuals of all ages and fitness levels.  Whether your resolution is to lose weight, become healthier, or start an exercise program we can help you keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Why should it be any different with Movestrong™ than the gym by your house you ask?  Because Movestrong™ is one of a kind!  I promise you won’t find any other gym like us.  Movestrong™ has trained professionals that specialize in fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  Employees at Movestrong™ care about your wellbeing and success and not just your wallet.  Don’t take my word for it instead listen to a current client, “I love Movestrong.  The Wellness plan is great.  It is not a canned program that I try to fit into; it is a program that is customized just for ME!  The one-to-one nutrition sessions with Amy are just what I needed.  All the staff at Movestrong is my cheerleaders and I am pleased to have them on my team!”, Kathy S.  Movestrong™ offers 3 different wellness programs depending on your starting place and personal goals.  All programs offer scheduled appointments, customized exercise programs, and fitness assessments.  The programs are designed to allow individuals to succeed and reach their goals.  Everything we do for you at Movestrong™ is with your best interest at heart.  We find pleasure in seeing you reach milestones and possibly even smile when you are exercising.  Movestrong™ can and will help you to achieve your New Year’s Resolution.  All you have to do is give us a call at 248.601.6683 to set up your free consultation.  We are looking forward to meeting you!


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