Fall in Love with Yourself

happy-valentines-day-2014This Valentine’s day make yourself your own Valentine.  The holiday is centered on finding the perfect gift for that special someone or planning a romantic evening for your loved one.  Why not spend this holiday rediscovering yourself and what makes you so special.  Many people will plan an expensive meal or purchase a pricy gift for their Valentine, yet we are hesitant to spend our money on healthy foods or exercise sessions that will benefit our own health.  How come we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves?  And when we do finally make the decision to do something healthy for ourselves we feel guilty or selfish for spending the time and money on ourselves.  This Valentine’s Day break the viscous cycle and ask yourself to be your Valentine!

If you add up all the money you spend on other people I am sure you would be surprised to find out how much you spend on others.  Giving to others is a wonderful act that often times makes you feel good.  However, taking time for yourself is just as important and in the long run will allow you to better help others.  If you are not healthy and you do not take care of yourself you are no good to anyone.  If you are constantly tired or sick you cannot possibly help other people in your life.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is easier said than done.  It takes commitment and accountability to stay active and eat well, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  Finding time to cook and exercise can be overwhelming and challenging.  Don’t get discouraged Movestrong™ can help make it manageable and fun!  Movestrong™ has been extremely successful in helping people start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Movestrong™ offers exercise sessions and nutritional consultations to help individuals stay active and eat better.  Through our various programs we are able to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels achieve their personal goals.  The best part is our programs are AFFORDABLE!  You can spend less on an exercise session than you can on a box of chocolate or bouquet of flowers.  Movestrong™ prides itself in bringing the best out in everyone and reminding you of just how beautiful and strong you are.  Be your own Valentine this year and instead of buying yourself a box of chocolate that you will eat and then feel guilty for eating spend you hard earned money on something that will make you feel good and energized.  Call us today to set up your FREE consultation with a Fitness Specialist, 248.601.6683.

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