group fitness class croppedThree dreaded words heard most often in the month of January, New Year’s Resolution.  Many people focus on how many people will not achieve their resolutions or have already cheated on them.  Instead of being a negative Nancy let’s celebrate the idea that by the end of January about 64% of people who make resolutions are still on the road to success and by March 50% have still not lost focus.  Psychologists at the University of Scranton further found that 44% of people will keep their resolutions into July.

Why are some individuals able to keep their resolutions and others are not?  There are many different reasons why certain people are successful at maintaining their New Year’s resolution.  If you are someone who has struggled in the past try a few of these tips and hopefully you will be a bit more successful this year.

Make a resolution that is tangible or measureable.  Instead of committing to losing weight give yourself a specific number that you would like to lose.  For example, commit to losing 1 pound a week or 5 pounds a month.  This will give you a specific goal to achieve that will allow you to easily see if you are keeping your resolution.

Seeing your success is important as well as being realistic when setting a goal.  Instead of saying you are going to work out everyday look at your schedule and determine what is realistic.  If you know you have a commitment in the evening 2 days a week commit to exercising 3 days a week instead of everyday so you set your up for success instead of failure.

Sharing New Year’s resolutions with others has also shown to increase an individual’s success rate.  Accountability is important to success.  If you share what you hope to achieve with others they can keep you going.  No one wants to see someone and have them say, “How is your resolution going”?  Only to tell them you did not exercise this week.  Knowing someone will ask you about your resolution can motivate you to keep moving forward.  Our wonderful staff at Movestrong™ is happy to be your support group and accountability friends!  Our fitness specialists are always here to check in with you and make sure you are achieving your goals.

The number 1 mistake people make when trying to achieve a New Year’s resolution is they have an all or nothing mentality.  Do not allow yourself to give up even if you cheat on your resolution.  If you are unsuccessful one week do not let that be an excuse for not completing your goal but instead try again next week.  If you do not lose 1 pound the 2nd into February do not let that discourage you.  Keep working hard and make sure to lose one pound or possibly two pounds the following week.  New Year’s resolutions do not need to be all or nothing.

Instead of cringing every time you hear people talk about New Year’s resolutions smile and know that most of you are still successful at this point in the year and will be with our help at Movestrong™!  It’s not too late to set a resolution this year, leave one on the page so we can help you achieve your goals!  I love hearing people’s success stories please feel free to share some with me!

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