Physical Therapy


At the DeClaire LaMacchia Orthopedic Institute, you get the very best!

DeClaire LaMacchia Physical Therapy Clinicians collectively share 125 years of Physical Therapy experience, each with varied professional experiences and educational background.  The Clinicians purposely work as a collaborative team, sharing insight and offering suggestions with one another for the very best end result for all of our patients.

Once you’ve decided on Physical Therapy, call us, we will see you promptly for your evaluation.  We pride ourselves for starting  your therapy without a delay!  Often  the initial evaluation can be scheduled that same day. Unlike many PT clinics, we also start treatment on that first day of your evaluation!

Your Primary Therapy treatment team will consist of the evaluating physical therapist, the physical therapy assistant and yourself.  Your team works together to establish the goals with ongoing assessment and progressions to achieve those goals.

For those of you that are patients of Dr. DeClaire, Dr. LaMacchia and Dr. Ciarlone; we offer an additional benefit that our clinicians specialize in the unique understanding of each of the Physician’s  procedures and treatment philosophies with early identification of any variation of the typical progression.  Any questions or concerns, we have access to the medical team right next door.

Our team is dedicated to meet your needs and create your success. To schedule a Physical Therapy appointment please call 248-659-0199