Take Charge After Surgery

Have you undergone a total knee replacement and hoped that your activity level would increase?  Even possibly shed a few pounds?  Many individuals elect to undergo a knee replacement after developing osteoarthritis in the knee joint which inhibits them from participating in their favorite activities.  Osteoarthritis can be debilitating and cause individuals to become inactive or even sedentary therefore causing them to put on some extra pounds.  Many people go into surgery with the thought that once the pain is gone they will be able to increase their level of activity and take the additional weight off.  Unfortunately this may not be the case.

Research shows a majority of total knee replacement patients do not experience weight loss.   A study conducted at the University of Delaware found that 66% of individuals who underwent a total knee replacement gained an average of 14 pounds 2 years following surgery.  Furthermore, these individuals also had a decrease in quadriceps strength, the large muscle in the front of the leg, on the non-operated leg.

This may sound discouraging especially to individuals who have underwent surgery or who are thinking about having a total knee replacement but do not throw in the towel quite yet.  Allow this information to be a wakeup call or a friendly reminder to you.  If you are recovering from the surgery use this information to reinforce how important it is to continue exercising and strengthening your lower body in order to maintain a healthy weight.  If you are thinking about surgery use this as precaution to continue exercising immediately following your physical therapy program so you can avoid putting on those unwanted pounds.

If you are like many individuals you may be asking yourself, “Where do I go to exercise safely”?  If you are someone who has experienced surgery you do not want to undo anything the doctor has done.  If you are someone who is waiting to have the surgery you do not want to make your symptoms worse.  Exercise can be safe and effective you just have to be in the right environment.

Movestrong™, DeClaire Medicine for Movement can help both the individual who has a total knee replacement and the individual who is thinking about having surgery.  Movestrong™ offers wellness programs to help transition patients following a physical therapy program and for individuals who wish to strengthen the affected joint prior to surgery.  Movestrong™’s location within the DeClaire Knee and Orthopaedic Institute gives individuals the reassurance that their exercise programs are being guided by specialists.  If your level of activity or your weight is not where you would like it to be stop in or give us a call and find out how we can help you.  Movestrong™ is located in the Crittenton Medical building at 1135 West University Drive, suite 450, Rochester, MI.

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