Physical Therapy


DeClaire LaMacchia Orthopaedic Institute‚Äôs Physical Therapy and Medicine for Movement department has a unique perspective on Health and Fitness.  We have combined our departments of Physical Therapy and Medicine for Movement fitness programs, this affords our clients a continuum of care and appropriate progression of activity, while providing medical insight to the ongoing rehab and fitness program.  We are part of a exceptionally respected Medical Facility; our standards are significantly higher than a typical fitness institution.

The professionals in Physical Therapy are licensed, with over 125 years of applicable Clinical Experience.  The Professionals in Medicine for Movement are also highly educated, with master degrees in Exercise Physiology and many years of personal training experience.  All our professionals are highly skilled and experienced to work with any impairment or challenge that you may be concerned with.  You have access to the whole team.

Our Physical Therapy Clinicians and Exercise Health professionals understand the latest research and applications for integrating exercise into your daily life.  We will offer guidance while developing appropriate safe exercise programming to optimize your functional ability while reducing compounding effects of exercise intolerance.  We recognize often there is an additional barriers, even fear, that may limit your full potential.  We will address all barriers for you to confidently, and carefully achieve your desired outcome.

Depending on your current situation, there is an entry point in a program that will meet your needs and will guide you back to health and fitness.  We support your end goals.

To schedule a Physical Therapy appointment, please call 248-659-0199

To schedule a Medicine for Movement appointment, please call 248-601-6683 (MOVE)