Medicine for Movement Programs


Medicine for Movement Programs:  Before or After Physical Therapy Program

Often Insurance limits the duration of Physical Therapy, not allowing participation to achieving 100%.  Insurance allows for return to basic function, but not to the optimal full function.   These professionally supervised programs will assure the optimal functional outcome, achieving your final goals.

Our Medicine for Movement Staff are Nationally certified personal trainers with experience with special populations, meaning those with physical concerns or limitations.  Additionally, they each have Master degrees in Exercise Physiology.  The combined approach of our personal Trainers along with the support provided the rehabilitation specialists of the PT department ensure you the best possible outcomes.  We are all here for you!

Program Offerings

We strongly recommend the program Bridging the Gap, a formal process of transitioning from Physical Therapy to an ongoing progressive exercise program.  With the oversight and coaching of the Exercise physiologists, your activity levels continue to be developed.  This program is affordable, 2x/week for 4 weeks for only $160.

Our next program, MoveStronger, is for those ready to work on your General Fitness and Health Goals.  Perhaps you would like to improve your flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, or weight loss.  We will formally assess your current status and  develop safe exercise programming to optimize your functional ability while reducing the effects of exercise intolerance.  You will be continually supervised, assuring appropriate technique and optimal success.  Programs are available month by month or by three month packages,  packages affordably priced at about $20/session

Basis Gym Memberships are also available, providing Gym access to equipment and facilities.  Gym Member ship is $40/month.

Personal Training sessions are available by appointment.

Specialized Programs:

  • Weight Loss
  • Nutritional counselling

Ask your provider which Programs are recommended for you!
Please stop by the Physical Therapy Scheduling Desk for any questions, or to schedule an appointment for any of the programs.