Physical Therapy Program Offerings


Prehab: Often impairments and pain start to impact our normal movements, this may even be to the point of activity avoidance. Inactivity or compensations will alter your normal muscle function. Most surgeries will benefit from the individuals attending several sessions prior to the surgery to regain range of motion, flexibility and muscle response. Physical Therapy has many different treatment options to assist with facilitating the positive change within the constraints of the impairment. Addressing the limitations prior to surgery may allow you to have less barriers to overcome, without the initial surgical discomfort, and will provide you a more rapid response for recovery following the surgery

Physical Therapy Pre-op Assessment, Education and Instruction: It is strongly recommended by our physicians for patients to attend at least one hour session at our facility before your scheduled surgery. Our clinicians know the exact physician protocol better than any other facility. Our Physical Therapists will provide an individualized evaluation and assessment of your pre-operative strength, range of motion, walking pattern and stairs strategies. You will receive exercises and stretches that will selectively prepare you and minimize the impact of your surgery. You will receive clear instructions of what to expect and how to prepare for surgery to optimize healing, understanding of appropriate intensity and activity levels. Our Therapists will offer you individualized professional guidance regarding your concerns as well as tips to make the transition safer and easier to optimize your recovery process.

Post-surgical Rehab: You have made the decision to have the best surgeon perform your surgery. The therapy that follows is equally as important. It is incredibly important that your Therapy compliments the surgical strategies of the physician. Our Physical Therapists work daily with Dr. DeClaire, Dr. LaMacchia and Dr. Ciarlone. We know their techniques and share his philosophy of excellence to obtain the optimal rehab outcome. We will achieve the best results for you!